The Rose Shows


 Margaret Hudson created these rose drawings while recovering from an unexpected health crisis in 1993. Working in her garden Margaret was drawn to the roses that were worm-eaten, imperfect, old and fading. Instead of oil paints on canvas, she used pastels and worked on butcher paper, the common and impermanent materials emphasizing the fragility of the roses. That year Margaret drew sixty-seven four by four rose drawings. The drawing were shown in the fall of 1993 in a show titled "A Single Rose" and again in the spring of 1994.

From Margaret's Introduction to the fall showing:

The past winter, out among the fruit trees, I planted over 20 different single roses. Then, as they came into bloom, I wandered among them, calling them by name, finally picking the one that spoke to me. Sometimes it was of pure delight, of morning radiance, sometimes of fading petals and sunset, and sometimes of things eternal.

A Single Rose is a celebration of that wonder and mystery, beauty and fragility, the transient nature of life as experienced in a rose. It is a show grown out of a deep childhood delight in a single rose. It is for John.

Working on butcher paper allowed a kind of freedom that surprised me - It’s impermanence demanded nothing - I could play. I felt a wonderful Joy in its commonness - and frustration at its slick surface. Scrubbing on the oil paster, I had a primitive sort of feel - like a child scribbling - very personal, simple and direct. The rich color was a pure delight! The final piece, impermanent - like the rose.

Thank you for sharing this experience with me


Margaret Lorraine Hudson

October 1993

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