Field Trips

Margaret's Passion for Arts Education

Margaret Hudson saw service to others as an essential part of her life. As a young woman she had lived these values by serving as a missionary and teaching English in post-war Japan and Korea. When she began her mid-life artistic career, Margaret searched for ways to continue her commitment to service. In 1977 Margaret found such a way in a fortunate encounter with Sue Bissel, a teacher at Rodeing School.

Sue asked Margaret for ideas for an elementary school art project, and Margaret suggested the class try making knee and elbow pots. Margaret's suggestion was such a success that Sue asked if she could bring her class on a field trip to Margaret's backyard studio, where Earth Arts was located at the time. The students greatly enjoyed the trip and word spread, before she knew it Margaret was hosting two field trips a day from April to October.

Visiting students were given a tour of the Acre's 100 year old fig orchard and shown the organic gardens and compost making area. Margaret loved sharing her passion for sculpting and gave students a chance to try the "clay experience" in a backyard amphitheater constructed from railroad ties. As Margaret continued her artistic evolution she expanded these visits to include paintings and printmaking demonstrations, sharing her latest ideas with young minds. As she grew older Margaret had to cut back from two trips a day to one, but she so enjoyed "playing with clay" that at the age of 75 over 2000 students a year visited her back yard.

Margaret Hudson's "Clay Play", a booklet of poetry and instructions for basic sculpting projects is available for download here. If you want to try playing with Margaret's signature brown clay it can be purchased at Earth Arts Studio.