Visit Earth Arts Studio!


1946 East Swift, Fresno California, 93726 
Turn north onto Effie St. from Ashlan midway between Highway 41 and Blackstone Ave.

Business Hours

Monday-Saturday, 9:00 - 4:00


Earth Arts Studio is located in Fresno, California, just off Ashlan Avenue between Highway 41 (Yosemite Freeway) and Blackstone Avenue. Come visit and browse our selection of over 1000 pieces, including exotic creatures not yet available on our webstore. Watch our skilled artisans hand-sculpt original designs by Margaret Hudson and Lydia Buciok in our open studio. Wander the shady, sculpture garden to see our unique designs come ‘alive’ among the greenery and trees. The garden showcases larger sculptures and fountains that aren’t available on this webstore.

Like the creatures that inspired them Margaret Hudson’s sculptures are most ‘alive’ when displayed among green and growing things. The sculpture garden at Earth Arts displays some of Margaret’s unique designs in this environment, and showcases larger pieces, like fountains, that are available only through special order. On your visit be sure to go out back and explore our sculpture garden.

Next door to Earth Arts Studios is the Margaret Hudson Gallery. Since its opening in 2007 the gallery has hosted many exhibitions of Margaret’s paintings, prints, and sculptures, as well as works by her friends. Today the gallery displays Margaret’s paintings and an exhibition of painting by Cynthia Manuszak. Please ask the Earth Arts Staff for access to the gallery during your visit.