The Art of Margaret Hudson

The Rose Shows

While recovering from breast cancer treatment in the fall of 1993 Margaret Hudson found herself drawn in by the beauty of a wilting rose. Working in her garden Margaret used butcher paper and pastels to show the impermanence and fragility of these fading flowers.

Winter & Summer Tulips

Margaret's tulip paintings came from a sense of wonder and excitement about discovering a commonality between the sacred spaces within the great cathedrals of Europe and the hearts of flowers.

The Sierra Series

Growing up in California's Central Valley Margaret developed a life-long love of the nearby Sierra Mountains

Deep Silence

From April to August 1988, Margaret suffered a series of painful losses as her father, son and then mother passed away. Her art became the main outlet for her grief; she sculpted flower forms and globes and beat them with a modified baseball bat. Inspired by waves breaking against the rocks she began grinding and scrubbing the sculptures, softening them and exposing their sand-like inner textures.

The Poetry of Margaret Hudson

Though best known for her paintings and sculpture Margaret also expressed herself through poetry. Over the coming months we'll be making more of Margaret's poems available online.

The Ecuadorian Women

In the 1980's, on a trip to South America with a group of peace activists Margaret was greatly impressed by the Ecuadorian people, their difficult lives, their struggle for freedom, and the strength and solidness of their bodies. As as she came home to Fresno she began a series of almost life size sculptures expressing the strength and roundness of the Ecuadorian women.