The Poetry of Margaret Hudson

my writing
is another way
of responding to life
another way of sharing
what moves me
what I think
and dream
and love
or just find fascinating

memory shifts
the sands
of circumstance
and time
to leave exposed
a wondrous gem
the image
in my mind


I threw it out
last year
a half dead
scruffy plant
didn’t want it
in my bright
and pretty
this spring
while cleaning up
the yard
I found it
full and lush
nurtured by
a gentler
mother earth

On the New and Creative

My beautiful bluejays
chased it off --
that songbird in the trees above
with a different tune --
unheard before in my garden.
The jays, the mockers
they drove it
right away
and all has returned
to normalcy.

Early Morning

the sun's rays
had just entered
my bedroom when
through barely opened eyelids
I saw them
rainbow colors
in my tears
I watched
as the play
of shape and color
danced before me
within me