Extra Large Bear Planter


This clay bear forms a planter that will cradle your plants in the house or out in the garden. Based on Margaret Hudson’s original designs, these clay bears were hand-sculpted by skilled Fresno based artisans from the same locally sourced clay that has been the signature of Earth Arts Studio for forty years. The perfect gift for anyone who loves gardening, or just needs a little earthy joy in their life.

The Extra Large Bear Planter is 20″ tall, 13″ wide and 13″ long. The pot it holds is 9″ in diameter, 8″ deep and has a drainage hole. This sculpture is high fired clay and can go outdoors rain or shine, though repeated freezing in wet conditions may damage it.

The joyous spirit and gentleness of these bears was inspired by an experience Margaret had on a camping trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. While Margaret lay in her tent, a curious bear reached inside and gently ran its paw through her hair. These simple designs formed from earthy brown clay capture the joy Margaret Hudson drew from nature and echo her belief that all living things are formed of the same earth.

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This page lists only the stock sizes for this design. Custom sizes can be ordered by phone at 559-222-2420, or online through our custom order form. The listed size and weight are approximations. All of our products are handcrafted so please expect small variations in the final product. Backordered Extra Large Bear Planters take 3-4 weeks to be sculpted, fired, and shipped.


Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 16 in